I was about to google a question that began with the word “is” and these ten questions appeared down in the scroll to try and predict what my “is” question would be:

bronchitis contagious?
pneumonia contagious?
Obama the antichrist?
Michelle Obama pregnant?
your Jason Mraz lyrics?
limewire illegal?
Lil Wayne dead?
the world going to end in 2012?
santa real?
pluto a planet?

Let’s pretend Google is an omnipotent force…
If you could ask one “is” question today — what would you ask if you knew you would get the truth in reply?

3 thoughts on “"Is"

  1. Noemi

    is this the way it’s going to stay?

  2. Joan Kelly

    Is sex ever going to happen again the way I want it to?

  3. La Lubu

    is….my job going to last ’till the end of the year? the end of the summer?

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