True Religion Jeans Development History

Jeffrey Lubell in 2002 founded the True Religion Jeans. This young and full of legendary cowboy brand advocate hippies and rock music’s self consciousness and self belief, for true religion jeans design inspiration from the 70 s the free spirit of his ego, from the fetters. There were never a colorful like the 1970 s, during the period of incredible, your passion.

Brand founder Jeffrey Lubell described the fundamental brand establishment and spirit: “there is only one true faith in the world, it is people for their beliefs. And cowboy is suitable and has been for the most people dressed in true religion outlet online costumes.” “When a True Religion Jeans are present to your eyes, feeling as if it had been with the 30 years that cultivate one’s morality and reflect your personality.”

Hippies and rock and roll music influence each other, rock and roll music on the forms of free and bold, passionate rhythm rhythm expression of hippies plain dream and faith, love and peace, and be loyal to the belief of self. The true religion outlet store is also belong to the rock in the 70 s. As Jeffrey Lubell said: “the True Religion Jeans, the design of cultivate one’s morality is the first.”

True Religion Jeans Add A Unique Thing

True Religion jeans created by Jeffrey Lubell in 2002, True Religion jeans have the special styles, it Slim shaping, it is the timeless style, it is a fashion leading trend. True Religion is the leader in high-end denim, it is favored by celebrities, but also Gisele Bundchen, Britney Spears and Jessica Simpson and other stars of the beloved.

The five pocket skinny jeans faded and cats must adopt fold design, highlighting the do the old look, on behalf of the True Religion iconic style. In addition to maintaining the historically high wearing comfort givers, the tailoring and design more to join the brand’s uniqueness. True Religion jeans version of the type carried out according to human lines cut, close, extremely elastic characteristic curve more attractive women.

In designing men on adhering to the True Religion has always been advocating self cool and uninhibited, highlighting the unique personality style of dress. In addition to the pursuit of jeans and diversity of wild outside, also joined the rich color choice for the young consumer groups. Maitreya jeans logo on, passing out is about the beliefs of the cowboy and rock.

Full Of Artistic Atmosphere Of True Religion Jeans

Senior U.S. denim brand True Religion Jeans on the evening of 31 August 2012, 798 Art District in Beijing held a grand central hall retro rock party to celebrate the True Religion Jeans World Tour Beijing Railway Station, and mark the brand’s formal entry into China. True relation jesn is a famous brand in the world, Though it is a new brand, the design is so Personality.

As the first major event organized by the brand in China, the retro rock party attracted many celebrities attended the fashion, the rock singer letter also sang on stage to wild and unruly, passionate music to everyone proclaim the arrival of True Religion Jeans wave of rock and roll. To “loyal self” for the brand essence of faith and True Religion Jeans inspired in the 1970s, it has a classic hippie, bohemian and a variety of fashion styles.

Slim design through the ultimate brand, insist on genuine “Made in America”, with superb quality and fashion Teli become the aristocracy cowboy fashion brands. This casual Boyfriend style jeans with five pocket design and single-button placket. Ming button flip coin pocket and back pocket of the U-shaped pin. Positive cats should fold. Do the old spot and using moderate Distressed effect.

High-End True Religion Jeans

A True Religion jeans suede and straight, the price is $ 750. For those accustomed to buying hundreds of dollars a pair of jeans in supermarkets where people, this is an incredible price. 2011, NPD survey showed that Americans buy jeans annual expenditure of $ 13.8 billion, of which only 1% of jeans priced over $ 50.

“I think people buy True Religion know why it worth so much, you can see a lot of details, such as sewing methods.” Lynn Kepu Lin told the magazine, “In addition, the birthplace of the American cowboy with us way manufacturing jeans, long process, it takes too much Cost. “True Religion in Los Angeles manufacturing, there is known as the” high-end denim base camp. ”

True religion jeans raw materials, method of washing, dyeing jeans manufacturer of high-end fashion is different from ordinary jeans highlight their place. Europe and the United States is the main source of raw materials to high-end jeans. In order to reflect the ” Made in America”, True Religion is a veteran partner fabric denim mill Cone Mills, which is a very reliable source of raw materials.

Colorful True Relation Lifestyle Jeans

True relation lifestyle brand launched a new line of jeans so that make all young people crazy. It breaking the traditional jeans to consumers the impression that from the color, the version, highlighting the diversity of the cut jeans. By jeans relationships between the wearer and the endless pursuit of youth jeans, experience a new way of jeans outfit.

True Relation build a completely personal style and design a new series of summer jeans, which are defined in different themes, with true relation jeans unique brand personality and fashion ideas to subvert the traditional jeans. In addition to maintaining the historically high wearing comfort givers, the tailoring and design more to join the brand’s uniqueness.

True Relation of this version of the type of jeans according to the body lines cut, close, highly elastic characteristic curve more attractive women. In the design of True Relation men on the unique style of self-respect. In addition to the pursuit of jeans wild, they can also add a rich color.

The Current Popular Fashion Element True Religion Jeans

True religion jeans can be called throughout the year and never dying star, it is listed as “wild clothing of the first.” Jeans fabric and color is also increasing. Especially now that the jeans Slim also has a good effect, such as straight jeans make women look fit Tuicu slender, tight pants make fat women become slim, lean woman become sexy and so on.

True religion jean is the popular fashion elements, on the back of True Religion chapter, there is a fat Buddha. He single-handedly thumbs up, one hand holding the guitar like a rock star performances. From the background behind him, the red “World Tour” two words to tell everyone that this is an ongoing world tour rock Buddha.

See True Religion, you may have “seemed to have been wearing it for 30 years” feeling. True Religion is inspired by the 1970s. In that era, hippie dress to the public by the difference, so they wore jeans: tight, low waist, flared legs showing, with unprecedented width. The history of the growth brands named “true relation” jean is a typical “American story.”

The Most High-End Jeans True Religion Jeans

True Religion Jeans Brand created in December 2002, the True Religion jeans headquarters in Los Angeles. True Religion is the American cowboy high-end jeans to the pursuit of excellence known the details. True Religion’s intentions on the cut, I believe it will put a glance, the magic of hip stovepipe skill really makes it hard to take off!

True Religion denim jeans in the field of high-independence leader. True Religion’s crotch are most of the 7-inch and 7-inch or less, take the high-heeled shoes to wear, you definitely Alice buttocks, legs, body class! True Religion features arguably make people comfortable and easy to take a pair of pants with anything! The pattern of 0′s and part of Spiraea style cover buckle pocket designed to allow the hips to shrink and change Alice’s visual effects.

People have a special feeling for the star turned supermodel, True Religion’s vanity absolute index ranked first! Hollywood star Charlize Theron, Jennifer Lopez, Madonna and other favorites, people familiar with the CoCo, Pauline Lan and other well-known artists in the same good shape, but also through the True Religion jeans debut.

True Religion Jeans Hip Magical Effect

True faith work pants and winter fashion by “Tried & True” inspired, WORKWEAR series focuses on practical details: the classic triple thread woven strengthen joint position, so jeans are more durable; while work pants common oblique bags and ruler pocket practical design is also seen in this series. True religion jeans, summer is also very stylish, casual.

True faith work pants with a special patina donut-shaped buttons, plus drip paint on his pants designed to highlight the theme of the essence of work pants. The popular series of true faith, together with the steady development of the brand. Among the new models emphasize slim fit, straight leg, Slim and waist, and the brand’s signature style horseshoe logo can also be found in the back pocket.

This is a both a visual and sensual fashion brand, real wear revealing sexy. True Religion is the American cowboy high-end jeans to the pursuit of excellence known the details. True Religion jeans dominate the field of high-end denim. Once reluctant to put it off, the magic of hip effect makes it hard to take off.

True Religion Jeans Are Full Of Visual And Sensory

True Religion Jean is a new brand, it is well-known to the pursuit of excellence in detail, True Religion Jeans’s headquarters in Los Angeles. True Religion’s founder and designer Jeffery Lubell, he and his wife Kym expectations for True Religion, they are hoping to establish a balance between the visual and sensual fashion brand, real wear revealing sexy.

In the sunny West Coast, jeans and music accounted for most of the location of their lives, the couple files in love jeans design, but also fascinated by the explosive rock, founded two years ago, denim brand True Religion, the two made ??a clever combination of the logo hand thumbs up, one hand holding the guitar Maitreya Buddha, the two will pass out of jeans, rock and roll is considered the most faithful in this life of faith.

Popular True Religion Jeans series continues with brand along steadily. Season True Religion Jeans styles emphasize Slim cut, straight leg, and Slim waist pants and the washing effect of shallow to deep, styles, and the brand’s signature style horseshoe logo can also be found in the back pocket.

Luxury And Practical True Religion Jeans

True Religion Jeans is an American high-end brands. True Religion Jeans adhering to quality craftsmanship and design details of excellence, Blue Collar, Workwear and Baja series are designed by True Religion Jeans, Phantom and the Phoenix series is its design work, but is still very popular.

Markedly effective in colorful style make the whole season, while, True Religion Jeans remain consistent pursuit of quality, timeless charm to create a unique, fashionable and comfortable Slim’s “Made in America” ​​brand jeans. True Religion Jeans is not only the star’s favorite supermodel, but also fashion people’s favorite objects.

As a fashion mix clergyman, fashion tide people will it as “modern, elegant, luxurious and practical,” jeans. True Religion Jeans to fit just right lines, special brush color, breathable materials and attention to every little detail, completely subvert the people in general jeans were hard, rigid plate impression.